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Maybe you require full servicing and diagnostics, or a new car altogether. Either can be a very costly option, so it is always good to know where you can look for a specialist who offers quality at reasonable prices.

TW Motors in Pontefract

TW Motors are a professional garage located in Pontefract. Established in 1982, we are true, independent SAAB specialists, holding over 60 combined years of experience working with SAABs with extensive product knowledge across the whole SAAB range.

You can come and see us about anything from the early SAAB 96 through to the SAAB 9-3’s and 9-5’s of the modern day. Whatever you come to see us about, you will receive a warm welcome and friendly, personal service.

Services we provide include:

Contact Details

  • Contact Details

  • Servicing and repairs (both SAABs and other vehicles)

  • New and used SAAB parts (with mail order available throughout the United Kingdom)

We have the latest Tech 2 SAAB software and can also diagnose other vehicles if you’re not a SAAB owner.

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Call us today to discuss anything you might need, or send us an email via our “Contact Us” page.

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